Re-thinking the production of academic value.

Social Reproduction in Zola

  To begin with, a pretentious question: How can we think the division of labor in terms of the ongoing reproduction of social ordering qua material ideology? After his Roussauean micro-origin-story (division … Continue reading

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Fetishization and Objet a in Academic Production

As Pascal put it, if you do not believe, kneel down, act as if you believe, and belief will come by itself. This is also what Marxian ‘commodity fetishism’ is … Continue reading

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Thoughts on early Haneke

In my experience, Michael Haneke’s films always produce a great conversation and often bring to my mind a constant drip of theoretical commentary. Sometimes they are prima facie a bit blunt … Continue reading

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Regarding Academic Expropriation

Karen Gregory’s thoughts on the academic crisis are worth reading in full. Check out her Tumblr here. One of her posts, in particular, set me to thinking about the academy-as-guild … Continue reading

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Transition, Class Struggle, and a Minimum Income

I’ve been thinking about a blog post over at An und Fur Sich, in which a seemingly benign thought on minimum income generated some great back and forth in the … Continue reading

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Academic Conferences: a modest proposal

It seems to me that the academic conference (particularly the graduate conference) would be a great place to start making concrete changes in academic communities. It is (one of) the … Continue reading

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Moving through Space 1

Charlottesville, Va. – How should one describe a place like this? It is hyperreal, it makes one sick. Many times, seeing a new city follows the logic of a ghastly … Continue reading

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Falling Apart: Bodily Disintegration and Post-Humanity in J. G. Ballard’s Crash

[The following is a paper I presented at the “Subject to Change” conference at the University of Virginia.] J. G. Ballard’s 1973 novel Crash was conceived in the back seat … Continue reading

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The Labor of the Negative, or Ruining Value

A recent article by John Mowitt in the inaugural issue of Lateral caught my attention. It is puts forward a wonderfully similar articulation of the issues set out in the initial … Continue reading

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Academia and the Event

The new JCRT has a wonderful conversation between T. Wilson Dickerson and John D. Caputo titled “Education as Event.” As I chart the course for this blog, it is this type … Continue reading

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